Laboratoire de recherche - code: LR11TIC02
Laboratoire de recherche - code:LR11TIC02

Tunisian-German Research Cooperation Project Workshop "Efficient Communication Systems for Smart Energy Applications" 6 - 8 December 2018, Hotel Golden Tulip Tej Soltan, Hammamet, Tunisia

Publié le 19-01-2019

The 4th Workshop of the Tunisian-German Research Collaboration Project (ENERCOM) on Efficient Communication Systems for Smart Energy Applications consists of lectures given by experts in the fields of Power Line Communication (PLC), Wireless and optical technologies from both industry and academia. It also includes poster presentations by participating Ph.D. students. The program covers fundamental, advanced and application-oriented topics in communications techniques and solutions for intelligent supervision and control of energy installations in the grid, the city, the vehicle and the building. This Workshop will provide the attendees a comprehensive overview of emerging technologies for Smart Energy applications and an opportunity to learn about issues affecting various aspects of field deployment, and also an opportunity to interact with each other. The members of the Tunisian-German ENERCOM project will present the key results of their two years research work relative the powerline channel characterization, the modeling of the channel transmission constraints and the established optimized communication system. The workshop program will be enriched with research contributions and industrial development results from the project partners covering state of the arts of innovative communication and intelligent data processing solutions for smarts energy applications.