Laboratoire de recherche - code: LR11TIC02
Laboratoire de recherche - code: LR11TIC02



From original ideas to the valorization of research and innovation solutions for intelligent and energy-efficient network infrastructures


Promoting the know-how of our Research Staff

Contributing to make R&D as a vehicle for economic and social development

Wireless Communications

Reconfigurable RF Circuits, Software Radio Transceivers

Algorithm-Architecture Matching

Signal and Image Processing, Digital Communication, Encryption and Reconfigurable Processors

Optical Communication

Optical Components, Information Optical Processing, Optical Networks Architectures




Program & Registration



Overview and History


The research laboratory GRESCOM brings together professors, research students and professionals who are very active in conducting a sustained number of research and development projects in information and communication technologies at national and international level in the Framework of bilateral and multilateral collaboration programs with academic and industrial actors in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

The founding members of GRESCOM contributed in 1998 to the formation of the 1st research structure "UTIC" to SUP'COM which changed its name to MEDIATRON in 2003. In 2005, they created the research unit CIRTA'COM. Since obtaining the status of laboratory in 2011 and the change of name, GRESCOM continues to broaden its scientific scope while remaining attached to the initial disciplines (radiocommunication, optical communication, signal processing and digital communication, matching algorithms to digital architectures and embedded software implementations)

Thanks to the expertise of its senior researchers and the excellent scientific level of its PhD students supported by state-of-the-art scientific tools and equipment, GRESCOM offers a dynamic environment where the knowledge and know-how of its members continue serving to be used to develop original approaches and innovative solutions in the fields of radio and optical communication systems as well as applications to the main societal challenges and in particular telecommunications, health, security and safety, energy, water, environment and transport. Through this stimulating environment for its students and researchers, the activities carried out within GRESCOM contribute to the training of young PhDs qualified to contribute to teaching and research and to meet the needs of industrial innovation



Applied Research Mission and Strategy

The mission and the strategy of GRESCOM shared by all of its members are reflected in the following objectives:

  • To promote excellence in applied research and innovation in ICT in Tunisia, to contribute to the international reputation of the Tunisian University and to increase the participation of our researchers in academic and industrial research programs and projects at national and international level.
  • To foster the coupling between the scientific skills of our researchers and the industrial and business expertise of partners in the economic world and international research centers, on themes responding to the global challenges in the field of ICT and their applications in the sectors considered as priorities for Tunisia.
  • Facilitate the valorization of the results obtained by including the research and innovation actions of the laboratory in a logic of satisfying economic and societal needs in the medium and long term.
  • Combining the search for original ideas with valorization aspects for the development of high energy efficiency network infrastructures that support the convergence and interoperability of heterogeneous broadband networks technologies: mobile, wired and wireless as facilitators of the innovative Internet services of the Internet of Things.